Using First Principle reasoning to advance humanity

Break down questions to their most basic truths, and build up from there. To innovate is to shatter the presumptions of yesterday.

Morita asked: why not listen to music on the go?
Jobs asked: why do phones need buttons?
Dyson asked: why do fans need blades?

Zuvi is committed to asking similar fundamental questions. Only with this thinking can we surpass the mundane to create revolutionary innovations.

Through this first principle reasoning, Zuvi seeks out to explore the root purpose of humanity’s daily electronics and redefine them for the modern age. Improving our collective quality of life and lessening our impact on the environment.

  • Science team

    Zuvi employs research scientists and engineers from leading universities such as Oxford and Berkley to explore how to incorporate the leading scientific theories to remake traditional devices. In just two years, Zuvi has applied for over 100 patents globally.

  • Scientific experimentation

    Zuvi Hair Lab was established to develop tests optimize existing and future technologies. All efficacy datapoints included in our marketing have been verified by thorough scientific experiments in internal and 3rd party labs.

  • Automated at day one

    Zuvi has a self-owned and operated factory that is highly automated, all the way from R&D to production and debugging. This is not just to be able to produce products efficiently at scale, but to improve quality control.

The biggest meaning of life as mankind we can think of, is that we should at least make some little positive changes on the trajectory of our human species. This philosophy shapes what we believe, how we see the world and what we choose at Zuvi. We never blindly pursue minor improvements, but fundamental changes, that are great and innovative enough to make real changes in human lives.

— Mingyu, CEO & Founder of Zuvi