One of the World's Most Advanced Hair Labs

Zuvi has established one of the world's most advanced and fully automated Hair Labs during the past few years. We only use data from rigid and repeatable experiments to define our claimed benefits.

Drying Robots for Drying Speed

While initially our tests using a robotic arm may seem flashy and unnecessary, in reality they are critical to creating accurate, reproducible speed tests.

The robotic arm can guarantee the same blowing procedure, strength, angle and distance across hundreds of sessions. Additionally, Zuvi scientists constructed a controlled environment to understand how hair dryers perform in different temperature and humidity conditions. Through this system, enough tests could be run to draw scientific, statistically significant conclusions.

Retains 109% More Internal Moisture

Our hair is generally made up of outer cuticles, an inner cortex, and (for coarser hairs) medulla near the fibre centre.

We look at scans of hair with an electron microscope, to understand the relationship between water content and micro-scale changes. Hair structure varied significantly as we adjusted the heat level. Most of the heat from Zuvi Halo is absorbed by the moisture outside the hair, rather than the hair strand itself. By comparison, the extremely hot air used by a traditional hair dryer penetrates through to the hair cortex, baking the hair.

From this research, we found that Zuvi Halo retains 109% more internal hair moisture than traditional hair dryers.

17% Smoother

"Smoothness" is a feeling and hard to measure. We have designed tests to repeatably compare smoothness under different treatment effects.We built a machine to systematically calculate the resistance force when combing hair. In essence, this mimics running you hand through your hair, and turns the sense of touch into a datapoint.

Running these tests across different hair types, colors, etc, shows hair is generally 17% smoother after drying with Zuvi Halo than when using other hair dryers.

38% Shinier

To test the impact on hairshininess/luster, we used a carefully designed apparatus, uniquely positioned LED lights and hi-res cameras to detect variations in light reflected off hair in a dark room.

Through this instrument, we measured that after washing and drying your hair with Zuvi Halo, it will be 38% shinier on average. The reason for this improvement is that a healthier cuticle structure reflects more light than overdried hair with a flaking cuticle structure.

57% Color Retention

High temperature air is also what removes hair color most quickly, leading to faded color. Experiments show that Zuvi Halo can lock in hair color for 57% longer as its unique "Fast Drying at Cooler Temperature" enabled by LightCare™ technology.

9% Stronger

At its core, we have found that increased water retention also leads to your hair being stronger when using Zuvi Halo. In the field of hair science, Clarence R. Robbins has penned the authoritative “Chemical and Physical Behavior of Human Hair” that details how water within hair works with keratin chains to result in more pliable hair. Similar to how rope is stronger when wet.

To validate this theory, we designed a strength test to measure the relationship between moisture contentand hair pliability. Essentially stretching hair beyond its breaking point.

Through this experiment we found hair strands were 9% stronger when using Zuvi Halo vs other hair dryers.